About Norma

Music has played a large and important role in Norma’s life as long as she can remember. Norma learned to sing almost before she could talk. Her mother often told the story of finding 3-year-old Norma sitting on the back step singing a lullaby to a handful of earthworms. This incident includes two of Norma’s lifetime loves: music and animals. Most of her fond memories of childhood revolve around one of those two subjects: listening to classical music with her brother when he came home from college; playing with her cat and newborn kittens; singing harmony with her mother while riding in the car; nursing orphaned baby field mice with a doll bottle; singing in church with her sister; catching polliwogs and frogs in the drain ditch on her father’s farm.

Norma began to write poetry as a young child, and she started composing songs as a teenager. Writing music became an important part of Norma’s life when she married Kraig—who has diligently supported and encouraged her efforts in this regard. Although Kraig likes to boast that his job is to carry her guitar, very often her performances include his vocal talents and, at times, his lyrics-writing abilities as well.

Music has been very important in helping Norma heal from painful emotional wounds in her life. Through writing songs, she has been able to learn lessons and gain a new perspective from these experiences—and even be grateful for them! Music has been an effective catalyst in helping her find her Savior and develop a strong and ongoing relationship with Him. Thus, Norma loves to share her music with others; to bring hope to those with haunting pasts or who feel stuck in difficult circumstances; to help them heal from their own painful wounds; to make people laugh; to help bring people closer together; but most of all to bring people closer to Jesus Christ so they can experience His love for them. She welcomes any opportunity to bear witness of His love and the healing power He has manifest in her life. That is what gives her life meaning and purpose.