Music Programs

Norma loves to share her music with others through performing. She has written and performed many different programs—which combine original music with narration—for a wide variety of audiences (e.g., USO shows, 12-Step Conferences, book study clubs, mental health conferences, community fund drive campaigns, interdenominational meetings, Human Rights celebrations, community holiday celebrations, civic club meetings, performances for incarcerated women, Relief Society, Young Women, and Visiting Teaching conventions). She has performed for audiences in various parts of Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Montana, and North Carolina. Internationally, she has performed her music for people in Australia, Germany, Peru, and Colombia.

The programs Norma has written are diverse and range from religious to patriotic to “just for fun.” At times, Norma performs her programs alone. However, sometimes, she brings other people to assist in the performance. This lends variety to the program. If you would like her to tailor an existing program or write a new one for your group, contact her at (208) 241-3574 with the details (e.g., theme, audience, length, date). She will be happy to create a program—and perhaps even write a new song or two—that will meet your needs!

Some of the programs Norma has given in the past, a short description of each, and the songs included are listed below. You can read the lyrics of each song listed by pausing the cursor over the “Sheet Music” tab above and clicking on “Lyrics.” A list of topics will appear that, when clicked on, will show a list of songs about that topic. When you find the song you want, click on the title, and the webpage for that song will appear. This page will include lyrics and other information about the song.

America: Freedom Is Worth Fighting For This program features my husband, Kraig and me, sharing our individual experience of having Kraig deployed to Iraq, what we each learned from the experience, and how our challenges and sacrifice have blessed our lives. We liken the events and climate in our day to events that happened in scripture and incorporate scriptures that helped us make sense of and validate our experiences. Songs include: Freedom’s Price, Missing You, Birth of a Nation, We, the People, and Sounds of Freedom. Performance time: 40 minutes.

The Babe Who Changed the World This Christmas program targeted for youth (ages 12-18), focuses on Jesus, the changes he brought into the world, and how we can develop our relationship with Him. Songs include: Christmas Is . . . , To Bethlehem, Across the Veil, Wise Men Still Seek Him, Little Babe, and Silent Night. Program length: 45 minutes.

Family Relationships This program discusses the elements of building and maintaining healthy family relationships. Mood of the program ranges from wistful to endearing; from heart-wrenching to faith and hope. Songs include: A Fire in the Hearth, Little Angel, Jonathan’s Song, One Last Hug, and Only Christ. Performance time: 30 minutes.

Feeding the 5000 This program focuses on the Savior and what we can do in our lives to follow the example He set for us. It was originally written and performed for an interdenominational audience. Songs include: Hold My Hand, The Hope, Our Father, What Would Jesus Do?, Feed the Five Thousand, A Chain of Kindness, Mine Are the Hands of Jesus, Neighbor to Neighbor, and Only Christ. Performance time: 60 minutes.

Freedom’s Price This is a patriotic program that shares the experience of our family of having a dad and three brothers all deployed to war zones in a very short period of time. This program includes two optional audience sing-alongs. Songs include: Freedom’s Price, Missing You, Birth of a Nation, Little Baby, “Wherever I Am, Whatever I Do, We, the People, Coming Home, and Sounds of Freedom. Performance time: 45 minutes.

Gifts and Talents: Mine Are the Hands of Jesus This program was written especially for a Stake Relief Society convention. In the program, I share some personal experiences as I suggest effective ways of overcoming challenges and trials that arise in the quest to find, recognize, and develop personal gifts and talents. Songs include: Missing You and Mine Are the Hands of Jesus. Performance time: 30 Minutes

Healing, Hope, and Miracles Through this program, I express my love for my Savior, Jesus Christ and the physical, emotional, and physical healing He has brought to my life in some very ordinary—and some very miraculous—ways. Subtopics include: anger and forgiveness, hope amidst trials, faith to face change, changing one’s view of life, persistence, and recognizing miracles. Songs include: Dirty Rotten So and So, Forgiveness Is a Gift, The Hope, Rain Must Fall, Our Father, Reflections, Don’t Ever Quit, In His Strength, Embracing Change, and It’s a Miracle. Performance time: 50 minutes.

How Music has Benefited My Life As the title implies, this program tells of my experience and growth through music and addresses the role it continues to play in my life. The mood ranges from nostalgic to delightful; from faith-promoting to humorous. Songs include: Missing You, Music Magic, Where Do You Turn?, Dirty Rotten So and So, Two Days until Christmas, When You Dance, With Healing in His Wings, You’ll Be There, and Only Christ. Performance time: 50 minutes.

Make Room for Him This is one of many Christmas programs I have done through the years. It stresses the importance of making room in our busy lives for Jesus. Songs include: To Bethlehem, Across the Veil, That Night in Bethlehem, Sleep On, Little Babe, Wise Men Still Seek Him, Glory Hallelujah!, Christmas Is . . ., and Our Heavenly King. This program is about an hour long.

Serve Those You Love; Love Those You Serve This program was originally written for a Stake Relief Society Visiting Teaching Conference. The main message of this program is that when we do our visiting teaching the way the Lord intended, we are serving Him. The program includes experiences from my own life when a Visiting Teacher not only helped me out, but changed my life. Songs include: Laboring for the Lord, A Chain of Kindness, You Touched Me, Sisters in Christ and Mine Are the Hands of Jesus. Program length: 30 minutes.

The Sounds of Freedom This program has a patriotic theme and includes personal experiences and music written while my husband and sons served in war zones. Mood ranges from light and fun to thoughtful and heart-rending; from grateful to proud. Songs include: Freedom’s Price, Coming Home, Missing You, Birth of a Nation, Little Baby, We, the People, Wherever I Am, Whatever I Do, and Sounds of Freedom. Program length: 45 minutes.

Stand as a Witness This program focuses on the importance of making sacrifices and the role sacrifices play in everyday life, in the church, in relationships, and, most especially, from and for the Savior. Subtopics include: pioneers, guidance from the Spirit, faith, and Jesus Christ. Songs include: The Little Apron BedThe Voice of God, With Healing in His Wings, The Light, and I Will Stand as a Witness. This program is about 25 minutes long.

The Story of Christmas This program tells about the first Christmas in storybook fashion, with songs interspersed at suitable places in the narrative. It ends with the audience joining performers in singing the closing song, Silent Night. Songs include: Long Ago, To Bethlehem, That Night in Bethlehem, Away in a Manger, Sleep On, Wise Men Still Seek Him, and Silent Night. Program length: 45 minutes.

Thank You This program has a patriotic flavor and includes some of my experiences as a wife and mother of deployed members of the military. Songs include: Queen of His Heart, Missing You, Birth of a Nation, Embracing Change, Our President, Freedom’s Price, Sounds of Freedom, Coming Home, The Day the War Hit Home, and Thank You. This program is about an hour long.

There Is Light This program tells my story of healing from abuse and mental illness. The CD by the same name is a recording of this program. The purpose of this program is to share the message of hope and healing that is available through drawing near to the Savior. Feedback from past performances indicate that despite the type of challenges people are facing, this program leaves them with feelings of hope and peace. Songs include: Where Have I Gone Wrong?, Where Do You Turn?, Go and Do and Be, My Friend, Questions, Behold My Hands, Sing Praise!, Forgiveness Is a Gift, Thank You for Being My Friend, Peace, There Is Light, and With Healing in His Wings. This program is approximately 75 minutes long, but can be shortened if needed.

This Interesting Journey of Life Like the title suggests, this program talks about the journey of life, challenges that we often meet as we travel, and some interesting side trips we will likely make along the way. The mood ranges from heart-warming to humorous, to empathy for others’ challenges. Songs include: Little Angel, Following You, Dirty Rotten So-and So, My Hero, Thank You for Being My Friend, The Pack In, The Master’s Hand, Hold My Hand, and Angel. Program length: approximately 45 minutes.

USO Show 2012 This light-hearted program was created to bring a smile to the faces of veterans in a care facility, while giving them encouragement and expressing appreciation for the sacrifice they made for our country. Songs include: Just Dreamin’, When You Dance, Dirty Rotten So and So, We, the People, How Can this Heart Love Freely?, Reflections, The Shape that I Am In, Don’t Ever Quit, and Thank You. Performance time: 60 minutes.

USO Show 2014 This program honors America and our veterans while providing a fun, engaging, and entertaining program. Some of the songs are light-hearted, while others invite foot-tapping and hand-clapping. Still others are thought-provoking. Songs include: I Pledge Allegiance, The American’s Creed, Just Dreamin’, Queen of His Heart, Wherever I Am, Whatever I Do, Sometimes It Hurts, How Can this Heart Love Freely?, I Love America!, Coming Home, A Farm Kid’s Life, and Thank You. Performance time: 45 minutes.

. . . And many more!!